2002 NPC Juniors Nationals Men’s Pump Room Part 2

Light-Heavyweight through Super-Heavyweight

America’s Windy City, Chicago was host to the 2002 NPC Junior National Men’s Bodybuilding Championships, which brought together dozens of the nation’s most promising bodybuilders along with scores of fresh faces and incredible physiques. Pump Room Part 2 brings you exclusive and non-stop muscle action as we feature the light-heavy, heavyweight and super-heavyweight classes. Shot backstage with multiple cameras during both the prejudging and evening show portions of the competition, you’ll get an up-close and candid look at these amazing athletes as they pump up, oil down, and ready to take the stage. Featuring Dylan Scheidler, Marlon Joyner, Angelo Saffore, Brian Edmondson, Sanford Roth and many more!

1 hour 35 minutes


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