2002 NPC Teen/Collegiate Nationals Men’s Pump Room Part 2

Lightheavyweight through Superheavyweight

America’s best teen and collegiate bodybuilders converge in Pittsburgh for the 2002 NPC Teen & Collegiate National Bodybuilding Championships. Pump Room Part 2 brings you exclusive and non-stop muscle action as we feature the light-heavyweight and heavyweight classes. Shot backstage with multiple cameras during both the prejudging and evening show portions of the competition, you’ll get an up-close and candid look at these amazing athletes as they pump up, oil down, and ready to take the stage. Through the lens of our pump room cameras you’ll also follow the competitors out to the stage as we feature exclusive footage from the sidelines as competitors pose side-by-side and individually for the judges on-stage. Featuring Josh Crandall, Chris Croce, Michael Grossi, John Kijek, Nick Lycius, Shawn D’Aurelio, and many more.

1 hour 41 minute


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