2005 Musclemania Superbody Championships Men’s Pump Room Part 2

All Open and Juniors Classes

Sunny Miami, Florida set the stage for the 2005 Musclemania Superbody Championships, bringing together athletes from Europe, Canada, South America and the U.S. to compete in an intense battle for the trophies. See for yourself what makes the Superbody Championships one of the most popular and recognized natural contests worldwide! Pumped muscle, ripped bodies and oiled physiques get ready backstage in the Pump Room Videos. Step inside the pump room for an intense up-close look at this year’s incredible bodybuilding athletes. Whether pumping up with weights or flexing for our cameras, this video captures the excitement and heat of each competitor as they pump up, oil down, and get ready to take the stage. Pump Room Part Two features the bodybuilders from the Juniors (under 22 years old) class and the Open Bantamweight, Lightweight, Middleweight, Light-Heavyweight and Heavyweight classes.

3 hours 10 minutes


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