2002 NPC Nationals Men’s Prejudging Part 1

Bantamweight through Middleweight (Portions)

The 2002 NPC National Championships is America’s top-level amateur bodybuilding show, featuring over a hundred competitors as they battle on-stage to turn pro. At the prejudging, the top 15 competitors from each weightclass pose onstage rather than just the top five in each class which pose during the evening show. Our prejudging tapes are a great way to see the competitors posing individually and in side-by-side comparisons. PLEASE NOTE: Due to technical issues at the time of taping, a large portion of the individual posing routines from the middleweight class do not appear on this video. The bantamweight and lightweight class portions are shown in their entirety. Refer to the competitor list for this video for a full list of bodybuilders appearing in this video.

1 hour 1 minute


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