The StrengthNet Workout: Jim & Nate

A Fan Favorite

Repetrope Productions in association with StrengthNet Entertainment bring you The StrengthNet Workout: Jim & Nate, a no-holds-barred look at two incredible bodybuilders as they pound it out at the gym with sheer force and brute intensity. This non-instructional video takes you beyond the pain barrier as these two amazing athletes sweat, pull and push their way to the top. You’ll feel the pump as you see Jim and Nate take on the iron with rip-roaring strength and psych each other up for rep after burning rep. This 74-minute video features exercises blasting all major muscle groups with maximum intensity. Throughout the video, you’ll see experienced Jim give Nate pointers on hitting the proper poses to show off his incredibly built 20-year old hardbody. After the workout the guys head to the lockerroom for a final posedown and break out the tape measure to check out their pumped, beefy guns. You want inspiration? You’ve got it. New DVD Version: In addition to convenient chapter markers, the DVD version features out-takes and deleted scenes not included in the original release. 4:3 Full-Screen aspect ratio.

1 hour 14 minutes


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