2003 NPC Junior USA Women’s Backstage Posing & Pump Room

All Weightclasses

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the first national contest of 2003 in this pump room and backstage posing video. Watch these women lift, push, and pump themselves up in the backstage warm-up area. Lot’s of oiling, flexing, and incredible close-ups take you where no other spectator can go! Shot with multiple cameras during the prejudging and evening show portions of the contest. Includes both bodybuilding and fitness competitors. This video also features bodybuilding women in our backstage posing area during the weigh-in, prejudging and evening show portions of the 2003 NPC Junior USA Bodybuilding Championships. You’ll get an exclusive up-close look at each competitor even closer than the judges and the audience at the contest!

1 hour 41 minute


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